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These short books appeal to all ages, genders and cultures. There is nothing quite like these books which were written over several years. They are visually alive, emotionally alive, and timeless...
A Little Book of Timeless Sayings Volume 2 - Print & Kindle Editions
This is Volume 2 of my Timeless Sayings series of books. This one-of-a kind book is whimsical and philosophical, and friendly to the human experience. It respects complexity, and the ups-and-downs of life.
A Little Book of Timeless Sayings Volume 1 - Print & Kindle Editions
This one-of-a-kind book honors Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain. It is whimsical, philosophical, and friendly to the human experience, human idiosyncrasies, and human wonderfulness.
A Children's Book for Grown-Ups - Kindle Edition
Every culture has its fables. This short book is a contemporary fable based on a poem by Deena Karabell. It features the captivating illustrations of the Turkish artist Elif Onalp. It is a perfect gift for oneself, for any adult, for children 10 and up, and for any occasion.

It features mythical birds as commentators and observers of the human condition. Its message is positive and genuine. And, as the birds say, it’s about everyone “ages 2 to 92”.
A Little Book of Timeless Reminders Volume 1 - Print & Kindle Editions
In all cultures and thru all of time (as we understand it), there have been the observers: poets, farmers, shopkeepers, soldiers, doctors, mothers, fathers, children – anyone with a feel for this human life – who have written words to encourage our human journey. Deena Karabell is part of that tradition, and has been since she was a young child.
A Little Book of Timeless Reminders Volume 2 - Kindle Edition
The artwork in this book, by internationally-known watercolorist and miniaturist Laura Coombs Hills are costume prints that have never been seen before in public. They were created for a benefit in Boston in 1900. At last, they are now available. They brilliantly enhance Deena’s uplifting timeless reminders: “the Need for Connection will live Forever”.
You Can Learn to Listen to Your Body - Kindle Edition
Author Deena Karabell’s exploration of the body’s physical needs was born of her own complex birth experience. She has travelled this path because she had no choice. And, in fact, none of us have any choice around our bodies, because, as Deena constantly reminds us: “your body needs care, not control, and that’s the way to calm your soul”.
A Little Book of Timeless Poetry - Kindle Edition
In this book, the words are the music. If this was an opera or a play, it would have many acts. If this was a movie, it would be filled with drama, the unexpected, a romantic tone, humor, and whimsy. If it was a painting, it would have texture and shadows and light. It is work written over many years and finally assembled at the urging of close friends.