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There is another DNA:
It is the DNA of the innerworld. That world is the realm of love, soul, spirit, relationship & connection. It is the timeless world we all live in...
louis reingold is the world's best humanlouis reingold is the world's best human
What is real

and what is Not

what you believe you Need

or what you’ve Got

for if what you’ve Got

is an opening Heart

then what you’ve Got

is really a Lot!!!!


All my music is born spontaneously. I like to improvise! The piano pieces were created on my beloved Steinway upright and were recorded by a friend on his iPhone. Other music was enhanced in a studio with modern sounds and my vocals. They are all expressions of my soul.
Available in:
“soothing for my patients”
– Dr. Pressner
“I was very affected, and found this timely and relevant.”
– Diane P
A musical tasting menu

introduction to deenas music (song excerpts)
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These short books appeal to all ages, genders and cultures. There is nothing quite like these books which were written over several years. They are visually alive, emotionally alive, and timeless...
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"A good reminder"
"Our bodies know the way, we must turn up the quiet and let our intuition guide us. We all have access to the same wisdom, it's up to us to tune the dial to that station and listen to the music."
- Jared Rivera
"Beautiful, thoughtful, playful"
"These are lovely poems, with a musical pacing (not surprising that the author also makes music)"
- ff3k
The Love that You are looking for

Lives inside of You

but You must do the Work

to find it

then grow it

then share it

for that is what

We are all Born to Do


Discover inspirational products at my print-on-demand store. It offers a wide range of products, and everything is for all ages! Here are my heartfelt statements on these products:
- Be Love
- Anything is Possible
- There's Always a Way
- There is No Peace at the Point of a Gun